Resource Center. SDS Finder. Contact Us. Find a Product. Overview Applications Resources Products. Uses Lubrication of highly loaded, slow-moving parts or threaded fasteners Assembly and running equipment. Advantages Prevention of stress corrosion cracking, solder embrittlement, fatigue and pitting Release and sealing properties Aging resistance Wide service-temperature range Water resistance Consistent coefficient of friction.

It also has excellent compatibility with plastics such as ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, and polyacetal and good lubricity over a wide temperature range. It helps prevent galling during run-in, helps extend the service life of moving parts, and helps protect against fretting wear and corrosion as well as welding of static joints. Suitable for lubrication points with low speeds, subjected to high temperatures and corrosive effects, and also require a low and constant coefficient of friction.

As a contact lubricant for electrically conducting components. This paste can be used for assembly as well as for long-term lubrication of metallic components. Recommended and successfully used by leading clamping-element manufacturers, especially for chucks on metal processing machines. Download Selected. Solid lubricating paste with particularly low friction coefficient for assembly and running-in of metallic components.

Suitable for the lubrication of tools for hot forming, particularly on hot-flow presses and drop forging; also as a parting agent and slip additive at high temperatures. Suitable for screws, nuts and bolts that are subjected to extremely high temperatures and are made of heat-resistant or extremely heat-resistant steels e. Sliding surfaces exposed to high pressure loadings and subject to the influence of water of metal machining emulsions.

molykote lubricant

O-ring lubrication; friction reduction and prevention of seizing and galling; lubrication and scoring-prevention of packings and shafts of compressors and pumps — extension of packing life; overheating and seizure prevention; reduction of friction and wear of assemblies at high temperatures. For assembling, running-in and permanent lubrication of components that are subjected to high temperatures.Industry needs for autonomous functionality, connectivity, safety and sustainability are growing.

Specialty Lubricants from DuPont

Control friction and wear to save energy. Extend lubrication intervals to reduce maintenance. Enhance equipment reliability to maintain productivity. Designing a new piece of equipment? Facing a unique lubrication challenge? Read the Case Study. Fluorosilicone bearing grease improves circuit breaker reliability; can help extend maintenance intervals up to 20 years or more.

Formulated specifically for rotary vane vacuum pumps; superior performance in highly corrosive environments. Resource Center. SDS Finder. Contact Us. Find a Product.

Moly Coating

Meet strenuous requirements for safety, dependability and uptime. Maximize output. Facility Infrastructure. Keep building systems and equipment working safely, quietly, reliably and efficiently.

molykote lubricant

Resist temperature, corrosion and washout while meeting stringent industry regulations. Heavy Industries. Cut downtime, improve efficiency and protect your investment in severe environments. Increase equipment life and reliability. Reduce downtime while reducing costs. Reduce downtime and maintenance.

molykote lubricant

Prevent losses while promoting safety.One type of lubricant can't "do it all". These semi-solid lubricants, available in a range of consistencies, meet needs for severe-duty performance under high loads, in harsh environments, across wide temperature ranges and from slow to high speeds. The solid to semi-solid materials contain a lubricating fluid, thickening agent and additives. Specialized base oils include silicone, fluorosilicone and PFPE per fluoropolyether.

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Applications for these greases include gears, all types of bearings, conveyor systems, slides, drives, pumps, valves, seats and shafts. Learn more.

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Grease like materials can serve a dual function of lubricating and sealing under light loads and high temperatures on metals, plastics, glass or rubber. Silicone fluids and inert silica fillers provide good resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation while maintaining key properties over a wide temperature range. Some of these products are certified NSF 61 for use in food and beverage applications, as well as for uses involving potable water.

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Performance-enhancing additives in synthetic or mineral oils meet lubrication requirements in compressors, pumps, gearboxes, chain drives, hydraulics and more. Different base oils and lubricating solids are blended with a solvent carrier that evaporates, leaving a wet-film lubricant in place. Contain high levels of lubricating solids for protecting industrial equipment components from galling, fretting corrosion and seizure or damage under high loads.

Even if the grease or carrier oil is squeezed out or thrown off under load, the solids form a strong lubricating film on metal surfaces. Provide durable, dry-film bonded lubrication for parts industry, dirty environments and those inaccessible for re-lubrication. Specialized additives for extreme-load lubrication and for adding precise friction-control properties to industrial materials. A range of carefully formulated inorganic lubricating solids and powders can stabilize friction, improve friction recovery and remain stable under extreme temperatures.

DuPont provides a wide range of certified products to meet your industry or market regulations. Contact us for more details if you don't see a certification required for your application. DuPont Tribologists and Application Engineers have combined decades of lubricant expertise to help support you. With 3 lubricant laboratories across the globe, Dow Silicones is able to provide advanced testing and technical support.

Automotive Lubricants

Established in to explore and develop potential silicones, DuPont Silicones is a global leader in silicon-based technology and innovation.Our technical support staff provides services and solutions utilizing lubrication best practices. Heavy Industry equipment face some of the most severe and demanding operational environments. Under heavy loads, at high and low speeds, hot, cold, while covered in dust and abrasives, solutions need to deliver.

Proven solutions include:. Access to technical content is a critical part of the product selection process. Utilize our lubricant expertise to help solve your application problems. Product application brochures, technical papers, product selection tables and other technical content sources are available to download.

View Technical Tips Articles. View Videos. View Case Studies. ChemPoint has chemists and engineers with experience and market expertise to help you find the right solution.

We are ready to work with you to understand your environment and help define your lubrication requirements. Be the first to see the results of their research and join the discussion on Linked In, Twitter and Facebook platforms. All Rights Reserved. Our Solutions. Ask A Question. Request A Sample. Get A Quote. Specialty Lubricants from DuPont Designed and engineered to solve your difficult lubrication related problems and save energy by reducing friction and wear.

Find A Solution. Anti-Seize Paste. By Chemistry Ester. Mineral Oil. Organic Binder. Polyalkylene Glycol PAG. Polyalphaolefin PAO. Polyisobutene PIB.

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Non-necessary Non-necessary.Innovate today for the increasingly electrified, autonomous and sustainable vehicles of tomorrow with the specialty lubricants that are trusted by automotive OEMs and tier suppliers worldwide.

Control friction, wear and NVH. Boost performance. Reduce component failures and costly warranty repairs. Improve safety and customer satisfaction. Design for increased electrification, connectivity and reliability.

Working on something new? Facing a unique lubrication challenge? Greases and oils typically are successful in applications that move faster or more frequently … and operate under light to moderate loads … and moderate temperatures. Pastes and anti-friction coatings contain lubricating solids and generally are specified when speed or frequency slows … when load or vibration increases … and temperatures are extreme. Explore products that are helping automotive system and component designers worldwide overcome challenges an improve performance.

Compatible with plastic gears and gearboxes. Ideal for electric motors requiring electrical resistivity, such as electric parking brake actuation. Low-bleed, dust-resistant PAO-based lubricants with low-temperature and noise-reducing properties. Ideal for power slide door rails and actuators. Resource Center. SDS Finder. Contact Us. Find a Product. Uses Protect against moisture and corrosion Reduce squeaks, rattles, noise, vibration Control free motion Ensure proper tightening, nondestructive disassembly Lubricate inaccessible parts.

Powertrain lubrication. Optimize performance; boost energy efficiency; lower emissions; improve reliability.Resource Center. SDS Finder. Contact Us. Find a Product. Overview Applications Resources Products. Advantages Designed for use under extreme conditions, including extreme pressure, harsh chemical environments and low and high temperatures Can be used at all speeds Water-resistant Wide service-temperature range Low noise Can be used with food machinery.

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Also used for gear drives and open gears; sliding bearings operating at low speeds and high temperatures, such as bearings in drying systems; and calendering machines used in various industrial processes. Bearing Grease, Light Ideal for use in roller and conveyer equipment, control cables, electric motors, photographic equipment, optical equipment, measurement equipment, etc.

Is also used in refrigerators or freezer equipment.

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Bearing Grease Ideal for use in oven conveyors, kiln dollies, molten salt evacuation pumps, steam turbine regulator links, knife-edge power breakers, etc. Also for use on clutch release bearings for automobiles, plastic parts, and so forth. It is a heavy duty, extreme pressure lubricant with high load-carrying capability at moderate to high speeds.

Used as a damper grease to reduce noise in moving parts, such as gears. Components requiring lubrication at low torques and low temperatures. Bearing Greases are high-performance lubricants designed for the food and beverage industry. They are mineral-based lubricants thickened with aluminum complex and fortified with EP additives. They are an excellent choice where an NSF H1 status lubricant is required or when the product must be free of black particle contamination.

It can be used in a wide temperature range and offers excellent resistance against water washout. Download Selected. Used for initial lubrication of chains with hollow pins equipped with grease nipples e.

Ideal for use in roller and conveyer equipment, control cables, electric motors, photographic equipment, optical equipment, measurement equipment, etc. Ideal for use in oven conveyors, kiln dollies, molten salt evacuation pumps, steam turbine regulator links, knife-edge power breakers, etc. Ideally suited for use on bearings in oven fans, textile dryers, conveyors, kiln preheaters, etc.

Lubrication of automobile parts and electronic and precision equipment, which require low torque transfer due to the grease in low-temperature applications. Used for lubrication of window regulator guides of automobiles and lubrication of sliding parts of automobiles. Lubricating grease for plastic parts in automobiles, electrical appliances, precision equipment, audio equipment, and office equipment with plastic parts. Automobiles, electrical appliances, precision equipment, audio equipment, and office equipment with plastic parts.

Suitable for applications where tacky grease is preferred or required, such as chains, cams, open gears, valves and sprockets where water wash-off is problematic or grease sling-off cannot be tolerated.

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