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Pixel Crochet Squares

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pixel crochet graphs

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More about this later. Follow PatternWizard. More formats coming! Please also like our freePatternWizard Facebook page! Yes, you can click on both Like buttons!Graphghans afghans made from graphs are a pretty simple concept: lay out your design in a graph, then stitch it up.

Each square of your graph represents a block or stitch. If you've ever worked from a colorwork knitting chart or dabbled in cross-stitch, you get the idea. But what stitch should you use? If you're working from a pattern, it will likely tell you what to do as the stitch you pick will affect the size of your blanketbut if you're going rogue and creating your own design good for you! This method relies on individual squares to represent each block of color on your graph. Essentially, you're crocheting a granny square in a solid color for each square on your graph.

Size quickly becomes important here, so you definitely want to swatch a square and measure it before you start working from a chart. For more complicated charts think more rows of blocksyou'll want to stick with small squares — fingering or sport weight yarn is a nice choice.

Otherwise your graphghan may end up enormous! Multiple the size of your square by the number of blocks in your chart to figure out what your finished dimensions will be. Once you've charted out or chosen your design, figure out how many squares you need of each color, crochet them, then join the squares using your graph as a guide. It's that easy though, yeah, it's a little time consuming.

And you're going to have some ends to weave in. If you've got a really complex design, you might need to ditch the granny squares for something a bit more scalable. That's where corner-to-corner also called C2C crochet really shines. You essentially start at one corner of your blanket hence the nameand add blocks with each row until your widest point, then decrease back down.

Check out our tutorial if you're not familiar with the technique. The same concept as pixel crochet applies to this technique: each block of C2C crochet is worked in its own color. Start with simple two-color designs if you're new to the technique.

Then once you've got that hang of it, go wild. Tapestry crochet is a colorwork technique that involves using single crochet stitches and multiple colors in each row.

To avoid long floats on the wrong side of your work, you carry the colors you're not using and crochet over them as you go.There are many websites and applications that you can use to create freehand Pixel Graphs. Here is a list of several to get you started: PixelArt App is what my kids use. But for a larger graph and more color options you will want to use one of the sites listed below! Looking for pre-made pixel graphs and characters?

Can you crochet? Make a fun 8-bit pixel afghan!

Corner-to-Corner crochet graphgans are made by working in one corner and working diagonally as you follow the graph, crocheting squares for every pixel box. Looking for a line of yarn with lots of color options? Bernat Super Value has a wide selection and is a wonderful worsted weight yarn to work with! See all 80 shades HERE. I love to try this method too. What a fun idea and a great gift idea for grandparents! I absolutely love this idea!!!! I am seriously so excited about this!!!

Thank you so much for posting this!! I love your site and your Facebook page!!

pixel crochet graphs

Thank you so much for the time and effort you spend to do this!! Something I want to try. Thank you for all your tutorials and patterns! But why use the computer? Absolutely love this entire site! Your projects are great and these kids pixels are too adorable!

Thank you so much for sharing the pixel sites! I want to make a cape for my grandson with the picture of sonic on it how can I make it I already have a free cape pattern can you please help me. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Stay tuned for a follow-up blog post on how to transform a picture into a pixel graph!

Comments I love to try this method too. Live this. Where can I find the follow up on making a picture into a graph please?

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It is downright amazing how any picture can be transferred into a seriously one of a kind afghan. Check out this Elf I did for my son, He is obsessed with his little Elf whom he named Noonie, no idea where that came from! This graph is my own design so I will just go ahead and plop it right here! Need to understand bobbins so you can reduce those pesky ends?

This video shows you how to read a graph and work it in the bobble stitch!

Symbolab heaviside

Direct to and courtesy of West Coast Mom on Youtube! The actual Elf? This way the artist wins and so do you! Be sure to visit each site if you like a graph and let the artist know you appreciate their work! Keep the love flowing! Some tips to find your own graphs? Search Pinterest for words such as perler, hama, cross stitch graph, most can be adapted to your use. OVER ! Then, check my other blog posts under tutorials where I will post my videos to make graphgans enjoyable! This is the link to the tutorial I used.

Hope that helps! I have actually not run across one,but that doesnt mean one is not out there! Love the elf!! I square would equal one block on a C2C.

You will probably need to border it to make it a tad larger or my other recommendation is to add background squares to the top and sides so it ends up being around the size you want when finished! Hi, I believe I spoke to you in messages, but if not, I wanted to mention here as well…. There is not a program that will do that for you as far as I know. When I converted, I did it by hand. It is kind of a daunting task, but worth it. Also, a lot of the professional graphers on Facebook will translate a design to written for you for an additional charge.

Hope this helps! Not sure what stitch to use. Any suggeations appreciated. I need a graph of an anchor?? Thanks, chris. The graph you choose will be directly related to the style you choose to do. I do not think dc is a good stitch for graphing because it is taller than wider and your final image will be skewed.

Pixel crochet / c2c

The sc and hdc are both good options, though I prefer the hdc, as I think it creates a better final image. I hope this helps!Basically a pixel crochet blanket is made up of a series of granny squares where each square represents one pixel of the picture.

When joined together, the squares pixels make a large image as in the blanket below. These pixel squares are approximately 2. Where do you find pixel crochet graphs? Let me tell you! I found that perler bead and cross stitch patterns both make great graphs for pixel crochet blankets!! THIS website has a plethora of character, holiday, food, and animal graphs if you need a place to start.

Fasten off and follow directions below to make an invisible join! I love these squares much better than another pattern I'd seen a few days ago. There's also a free perler iPad app I use that will let you design your own pattern and give you a count of how many squares of each color you'll need when done.

Very convenient. These are awesome! I think I may be doing something wrong, though. When I do round 2 and it says "dc in the next 4 stitches", I only have 3 stitches to dc into. Wow I am so embarrassed! I've updated the pattern. I am still hoping to make a video tutorial as well! Thanks for catching this!

pixel crochet graphs

I LOVE this pixel project! I was just wondering if you did end up making a video tutorial. Thanks so much!! I love reading about all of your projects and have done several of them myself! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Nice comment Johny. These pixel squares are great!

They'll be great for on the go crocheting too. The pixel site you recommended was fascinating…I had to make myself get off! Really looking forward to you reveal on what you are making with these! I loved your suggestions for finding patterns!

Pronosoft pmg du mali

I am starting one based off of a colorwork knitting pattern! Will you be adding information on you join them? Oh, really it's a very funny idea, I think the blanket will be really cute. Thanks for the idea!!! Oh, wow! I have never heard of this, but would love to try it. Do you have any tips for figuring out how much yarn is needed for a project? Awesome idea! Are you joining as you go or are you going to make all the squares first and then join them?

And then what joining technique are you going to use? Can someone help me figure out how to make the hello kitty blanket in this post!A portrait crochet piece done in single crochet. You get to create the most amazing things when you crochet!

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One of my favorite things to create are tapestry crochet pieces. You can find patterns all over the internet. Many of these are published as graphs — so all you need to know is how to read them! Once you know how, even cross-stitch and perler bead patterns can be used to create your crochet art! Charts use pictograms of each type of stitch to illustrate how a project should be worked up.

They can be used for hats, scarves, shawls — practically anything you can create with a hook.

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Graphs are used specifically for color work techniques and sometimes filet crochet and are very similar to the charts found in cross-stitch or perler bead patterns. They are typically an image of your piece with an overlay to help you count squares. One square equals one stitch. Start with a chain in your first color. It should have the same number of stitches as your graph. Work your first row the last on the graph from right to left. In the image above, you would work 5 single crochets for each large grid for a total of 50 stitches.

Turn your work.

6 Free Crochet Charts

The next row is the second from the bottom and is read from left to right. The next row, third from the bottom, is read right to left, and the next, from left to right.

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